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Reinstatement of revoked family-based Petition to the approval of Immigrant Visa 

Today's success story revolves around the reinstatement of a revoked family-based petition, leading to the approval of an immigrant visa. The case involves Karuna Dogra, a resident of Punjab, India, whose U.S. Citizen father filed a Family Petition (F3 category) in 2008 for her and her family's immigration to the United States. Karuna's parents had previously immigrated to the U.S. in the 90s through a family-based petition filed by her mother's sister. Unfortunately, due to their age, Karuna and her brother were unable to join their parents, resulting in the family's separation. However, they remained hopeful of reuniting through other family preference visa categories.

After five years of residing in the United States, Karuna's father obtained U.S. citizenship and became eligible to file an I-130 family-based petition for his daughter and daughter's family, aiming for family reunification. He submitted the petition in 2006, which was approved in 2007. The family eagerly awaited their reunion, but as time passed, traveling became increasingly challenging for Karuna's aging parents.

Tragically, in 2017, Karuna's father passed away after battling a severe illness. This event dealt a devastating blow to the family, shattering their hopes of being reunited. They endured a prolonged period of sorrow, during which Karuna's uncle and aunt provided valuable support. Despite seeking assistance from various immigration lawyers in California and other parts of the United States, Karuna's mother was repeatedly informed that the case had numerous complications and appeared unsolvable under the circumstances.

However, in her search for a solution, Karuna Dogra discovered our office in Mohali, India, and reached out to us. Though the case presented challenges, our knowledgeable and professional team meticulously examined every detail. We were confident that with a strong presentation before the immigration officer, we could achieve a positive outcome. In May 2019, our attorney filed a request to reinstate the revoked petition on humanitarian grounds. In 2020, the case received approval, and the National Visa Center initiated the processing. However, due to the backlog caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, visa interviews faced significant delays. We expedited the interview process, resulting in Karuna receiving her interview scheduled for November 11, 2022.

On the day of the visa interview at the U.S. Consulate in Mumbai, the visa officer initially refused the case, issuing a 221-G letter stating that the joint sponsor did not meet the financial requirements to support the intending immigrants. This news came as a shock, but we remained confident that the joint sponsor's income was sufficient to meet Karuna Dogra's I-864 AOS requirements. Our attorney took immediate action, and on the same day, the issue was resolved. The U.S. Consulate requested the 221-G letter to be disregarded. Within the next 24 hours, visas were approved for all family members, and they were instructed to submit their passports for visa stamping.

Finally, on December 21, 2022, Karuna and her family arrived in the United States. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to them for becoming lawful permanent residents of the United States. We would also like to commend our team for their dedicated hours of preparation, diligent follow-ups, and efficient communication. It is through their unwavering efforts and patience that this remarkable achievement was made possible. We take great pride and express our gratitude for the hard work exhibited by our team.

Client Reviews

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I, Karuna Dogra would like to thank Mr. Samar Sandhu and his team of F4 India Consultants who helped me in getting my revoked petition approval from USCIS on humanitarian reinstatement grounds. My I-130 approved petition was revoked after the death of my beloved father, who was my petitioner. It was a heartbreaking situation. We searched the internet for a possible solution for our immigration problem and met Samar Sandhu on the recommendation of a friend. he has a great depth of experience and a successful track record in handling all types of US immigration petitions. He filed Humanitarian reinstatement for us and I am so happy to tell everyone that it has been approved and all credit goes to Mr Samar and F4 Team. The way he presented our case and followed it with USCIS and the Humanitarian department was simply commendable. Thank you, Samar, for always keeping us motivated and informed. We are thankful to God that we choose you for being our immigration attorney.