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The filing DS 260 process starts with Case analysis and gathering applicant's information like personal, family, employment, education, security, travel. Then, all supporting and financial documents get scrutinized well to avoid any error which may cause delay or denial of an immigrant visa. Filling DS-260 is one of the critical tasks. If you submit a wrongly filled DS 260, then you may see its consequence at the time of decision making for grant of visa by U.S. consulate at interview, because once the DS 260 is submitted, then it is problematic and time-consuming to get it open again to do the corrections on it. So, we advise you to hand over the filling procedure of DS 260 to experts' hands. Now the questions come who will be the best to file your immigrant visa form? Paralegals working under experienced attorneys should be your first choice. Our team has filled thousands of DS 260 (Immigrant Visa forms) for different categories. We have experience in handling the most complex cases.

Our attorneys play an essential role by providing you with the best advice, filling complex forms, checking the validity of your supporting and civil documents, which will be like when to apply for employment and travel authorization documents. They can also represent individuals at local USCIS office interviews. In addition, our team's vast experience and achievement in the most challenging areas for U.S. Immigration based petitions like Adjustment of Status, Consular Processing case, Child Status Protection Act for children who are "ageing out", and inadmissibility waivers makes us unique and first preference of an applicant.

CEAC DS 260 form

Avoid Common Problems when filling out form DS-260. Submitting inaccurate or incomplete answers on the DS-260 can hurt your chances of getting a visa.

The DS-260 is an Online Immigrant Visa Application & Registration Form to Gather Information About Applicants for a Family-Based Green Card.

  • How to Correct a Mistake on My DS-260 After it is submitted?

  • What civil documents are required to submit?

  • What happens if you change or update DS 261 after filling DS 260?

  • How long does NVC take to review DS 260?

  • What happens after filling DS 260?

  • How long does NVC take to schedule an interview after submitting DS 260?

  • What is (MIV)Modernized Immigrant Visa Process?

Those who are in the process of applying for an immigrant visa at a U.S. embassy or consulate abroad have to file an electronic Form called DS 260. It is one of the crucial steps. The purpose of DS 260 is to convey information about you to the National Visa Centre (NVC). NVC is responsible for collecting some information from you, and then the file is transferred to a U.S. consulate near where you live.

To fill and submit DS 260 online, you need to submit fees first only after that applicant, attorney, or Petitioner can access it. DS-260 Asks For many information consisting of your details, Family details, Petitioners Details, Employment Details, Educational Details, Security Check Details, any criminal record, any refusal, any grounds of inadmissibility to the U.S., etc. Answering each question is very important. Any wrong information can take your petition to rejection. But What if you made some mistake and submitted the form. NVC is currently developing a process for representatives, petitioners, or applicants to reopen form DS-260.

There are many more crucial steps to follow after submitting DS 260. Immediately after submitting DS 260, NVC asks for Civil Documents. Each case has different requirements. But in general, documents that have to be submitted as Civil Documents are, Biographic Page of Passport, Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, Police Clearance Certificate, Photographs, AOS I-864 , I-864 A if required in your case, Tax transcripts, Federal Tax returns, U.S. Domicile, Proof of Assets etc.

When NVC receives all the accompanying civil documents for the DS260 and the associated documents are satisfactory, NVC will schedule an interview. After 30 business days, they will instruct you to provide additional documents if required or schedule an interview date.

Modernized Immigrant Visa Process (MIV)

CEAC has been undergoing significant program developments. For example, online submission online of financial and civil documents, the ability to add or remove derivative applicants online, etc., to prevent your case from entering termination. These all and many more fall under MIV Process.

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