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Visa Bulletin Prediction for Family-Sponsored Preference Cases

Here you will find Visa Bulletin Predictions based on the State Department official's analyses and questions answers, showing which green card application can move forward. Mr. Charlie Oppenheim, the chief of the visa control unit, provided predictions for the end of the fiscal year 2021 and the fiscal year 2022. And a lot of good things that you need to know as you're going through the immigration process, whether you're applying for an immigrant visa based on a family petition.

This is the only website where you will find the most updated Visa Bulletin predictions for 2022, F4 Visa Bulletin Predictions, immigration news, and immigration updates.

Visa Bulletin For December 2022


F1 01DEC14 01DEC14 01DEC14 15NOV00 01MAR12
F2B 22SEP15 22SEP15 22SEP15 01JUN01 22OCT11
F3 22NOV08 22NOV08 22NOV08 01NOV97 08JUN02
F4 22MAR07 22MAR07 15SEP0515SEP05 01AUG00 22AUG02


F1 08AUG16 08AUG16 08AUG16 01DEC02 22APR15
F2B 01JAN17 01JAN17 01JAN17 01JAN02 01OCT13
F3 08NOV09 08NOV09 08NOV09 15JUN01 08NOV03
F4 15DEC07 15DEC07 22FEB06 01APR01 22APR04

Based on a recent discussion between USCIS and the State Department, USCIS will approve more Adjustment of Status cases by the end of this year than they've ever done before since the fiscal year 2005. The State Department concluded that their embassies and consulates only started working with full strength in April of 2022.

You have to finish all your obligations to the National Visa Center, upload all your documents, and ensure they don't need anything. So your case can be officially classified as documentary qualified.

This needs to be done on time because cases are reported to the visa office as completed on the first of each month.

And so, if you're documentary qualified, and your priority is earlier than indicated on the visa bulletin, then your case is now ready to be scheduled for an interview.

Now, remember, as I mentioned in previous posts, even if that's the case, the National Visa Center is down with your case, and you are essentially sitting there in line waiting to be processed for an interview.

Now what needs to be happening is that the US Embassy, on the other side, needs to stand the National Visa Center. And notice letting him know that they have slots open for an interview.

They will do that about 30 days before they're ready to interview people. And so the National Visa Center has enough time to take your case and send it to the respective post.

The problem is that currently, embassies are not releasing slots enough. Not enough slots are available for the National Visa Center to be sending your case to that embassy. So while are you documentary qualified while your priority date is current? You still have to wait for that embassy to open the required slots for your case to be sent over there to be scheduled for an interview. And that's what they're working on right now to make sure that it's going to happen correctly. It's important to remember that the movement of the various states is subject to the number of visas available for use each month. And the demand is often in the weekly grouping. Sometimes, we may have a targeted amount of numbers we would like to use, but the weekly group prevents us from advancing the date fast.

As I said, there's typically a high concentration of applicant demand in the India weekly groupings, which can limit the movement, especially later in the fiscal year as we start to approach the annual limits. And the same principle is, you know, applied to the final action dates, all of the final action dates.

You can see to prevent that from happening in 2022. There may be some need to take corrective actions like retrogression, where dates are moving backward to allow more movement and adjustments. And probably retrogression will happen in 2022. Based on Charlie's current predictions. An important question that many people are asking, and people who are concerned about retrogression in the fiscal year 2022. Why can't you advance the filing date for F2B category family-based categories for people in the US should be treated equally as the employment-based categories. So what the statement had to say about this is very interesting. They're saying that they're very advanced in most family preference categories to the point where the amount of documentary qualified applicants exceeds the annual limit in every single family-based category. For example, if the F2A category with the limit is 87,000, for the fiscal year 2021, there are currently 130,000 documentary qualified applicants, which exceeds the actual limit of 87,000. The same problem exists in other family categories this year. And so the prediction is just like Charlie Oppenheim, and having said that, if this continues with such discrepancy numbers, they will have to retrogress most family categories by two to four months, or even more to be able to catch up with the demand. So the conclusion is that we're going to be faced with retrogression for family base numbers over some time to catch up. So prepare yourself for some retrogression in the fiscal year 2022. Once again, hopefully, this information was helpful. We try to do our best to provide you with a summary of all these live streams.

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