601-A Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver

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601-A Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver


Welcome to F4 India Immigration law website, here we always try to write really good information about U.S. immigration and I know you've been searching so many websites that you might get some relevant information about unlawful presence waiver.

Here you will find the most exciting information, that will make you aware about the waivers to apply in particular to your case.

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We are an immigration law firm in US and India and represent people all over the world in various immigration matters.To know more about our achievements and success rate kindly visit our review, recommendations on our google and Face book page. Take a look at some of the services that we provide. On this website page we are going to explain the unlawful presence waiver the I-601 A.

We are writing about some complicated immigration issue here ,We will uncover what this i-601 a unlawful presence waiver is and who is eligible for it because everyone is not eligible for this one and you need to definitely understand how this works, because the filing fee is very high for the i-601 a waiver and you don't want to throw away your money by filing this waiver and you're not even eligible for it .

What is the I 601 A Waiver?

The I-601 A waiver is a provisional waiver of unlawful presence, meaning that you're in the United States without a legal status. Us government has created this waiver to address the problem of people who are here unlawfully, and have accrued an unlawful presence , and that's the only issue that they have, we are not talking about someone with unlawful presence having other problems such as a criminal record simultaneously, because if you have a serious criminal record you may face another hurdles which will not be discussed here on the web page , as this web page is addressing information related to I-601 A waiver only. If you are a person who has both the issues like unlawful presence and a criminal record as well then it is advised to call us or write to us for your case analysis. The i-601 a waiver addresses the issue of unlawful presence only, nothing else, not any other violations that you may have committed such as fraud misrepresentation criminal issues.

The I-601 A waiver does not address any of those (fraud misrepresentation criminal issues ), so this is for people who are clean you're here in an unlawful presence but you are otherwise clean for immigration purposes , you're basically forgiven for that period once you are approved okay of that waiver and at that point now you are able to go back to your country and be interviewed by the US Embassy for your immigrant visa.

The I-601 A waiver is for people who cannot adjust their status here in the United States. Meaning that you cannot stay right here and go through that one-step process of getting your green card because of following reasons:

  • Your Unlawful presence or

  • You're not an immediate relative of a US citizen or potentially because you don't have or

  • You're not a victim of domestic violence,

  • You're not a juvenile with a delinquent,

  • You've not been neglected abused as a juvenile,

You don't meet certain eligibility requirements to adjust your status therefore you have no other option but to go back and adopt the counsellor process at the US Embassy in your home country.

The second major point about this I-601 A waiver that you need to understand is that, it only applies to people whom we call a qualifying relative, a qualifying relative is what gets you through the door with this waiver

Who is a Qualifying Relative For the I 601 A?

The qualifying relatives are two people, One a US citizen or green card holder spouse or your US citizen or green card holder parent that's it. If you have children who are born here, US citizen children does not mean that you can use those children as a qualifying relative to get this forgiveness to get this waiver it doesn't work that way.

The government has limited to two types of relatives only and so if you do not have a US citizen or green card holder parent or a US citizen or green card holder spouse you cannot file for this waiver, but Just because you have a spouse or a parent that is a qualifying relative does not necessarily mean that you are completely eligible for this because you have to prove that those relative will suffer extreme hardship without you. Showing extreme hardship is actually very challenging and thus we can call it a big burden. But you can do it if you have the right factors. And to know what are the right factors to prove the extreme hardship to your relative you need complete assistance of an experienced Attorney. Doing it on your own can complicate your last chance of getting unite with your loved ones.

I-601 A Waiver, make you feel hopeful but it is important to know that some people are not eligible for a green card and you've got to face that reality unless your life circumstances change and you become eligible for it.

Who is Eligible For I-601 A Waiver?

To be eligible for I-601 A waiver the key requirements are as mentioned below:

  • You must be physically present here in the United States

  • You must be at least 17 years

  • You must have some sort of petition an underlying petition that was approved already meaning that your relative petitioned for you by filing that i-130, which is the family petition or potentially it was an employer that petition for you and they filed the i-140 and so you have that approval this is a must, you must be first approved for either family based petition or an employment based petition or maybe even a humanitarian based petition like the i360.

  • The next thing is that after you have that approval petition, your counselor processing has been started and thus you have a receipt to show that you have paid the fees to start your visa application online

Advantages of Hiring F4 India Law Firm to Handle Your I-601 a Waiver.

There's a lot of misunderstanding, miscommunication, myths and misconceptions when it comes to choose or hire an immigration attorney.

First of all, a lot of people think that by hiring an attorney to represent them at a hearing or an interview is a sign of guilt. No, that's not the case. It just means you want your case properly handled and have all the documents properly packaged and prepared. Having an attorney is not a sign of guilt

Number two: Immigration law is complex. There's lots of rules, regulations and cases that come out literally on a daily basis. Therefore, only attorneys can offer legal advice. Agents and consultants cannot offer legal advice. In fact, if they start advising you, they are breaking the law.

Number three: Attorneys are able to represent you at interviews or hearings. Consultants and Agents cannot. So, they may handle your case. It could possibly get denied. But if you get put in deportation, they're not going to be around to help you. Also, an Attorney can help you properly package and present your case, review the information, look at the facts to make sure you are eligible for the benefit you are seeking. If you are not, the Attorney can tell you so. If you are eligible, an Attorney can guide you towards gathering the appropriate evidence and documents.

Before any interview or hearing, the Attorney can prep you tell you what to expect at that interview, the types of questions, how best to answer those questions. You may have questions and this is the time for the attorney to be able to make you feel more comfortable so that when you are at the interview, when you are at the hearing, you know what to expect and how to handle yourself.

Now when it comes to Attorney Fees people are wondering "well, how does an Attorney charge"? There are two basic ways an Attorney charges: One is by hourly. The other is a flat rate. In our circumstance we charge flat rate. There are advantages to a flat rate because you know upfront how much it is going to cost versus hourly, which it could be any amount of time depending on how much time is spent.

And also, price depends on a number of factors.

  • How many denials a person had?

  • How complex the case is?

  • What are the issues that are involved?

  • What forms of relief the client is seeking? How much time may be involved in pursuing the case?

  • Is it a simply petition? Or are there going to be several hearings in court or interviews?

  • Are there going to be appeals?

All of those items are taken into account in determining what the price or cost may ultimately be. In addition, of course, there are going to be other costs involved such as filing fees and things like that. But in our opinion, having an Attorney while it does not guarantee success, of course an Attorney is forbidden by law from guaranteeing success, we think it greatly increases the chances for success.

One of the most important things in a person's life in the U.S. is legal status, and that is not the time to want to suddenly save money. With something so important as your immigration status where your future in America is dependent on that, your American dream, the future of your children, thus having an Attorney assisting you can greatly increase your chances of success and could be money well spent.

So, we don't t think you should be looking to cut corners or save money on something as important as your future in America which depends on your immigration status. Those are some of the reasons we believe it is to your advantage to have an Attorney assist you with your immigration case.

And also, price depends on a number of factors.

  • How many denials a person had?

  • How complex the case is?

  • What are the issues that are involved?

  • What forms of relief the client is seeking? How much time may be involved in pursuing the case?

  • Is it a simply petition? Or are there going to be several hearings in court or interviews?

  • Are there going to be appeals?