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CEAC- DS 260

Avoid Common Problems when filling out form DS-260. Submitting inaccurate or incomplete answers on the DS-260 can hurt your chances of getting a visa.


We have all the answers related to waivers, like:
What type of relief you are considering?
Are you eligible for a waiver?
Are you subject to multiple grounds of inadmissibility?
How long does it take?
and many more

Child Status Protection Act

know all the facts about CSPA like, CSPA allows former immidiate relative who aged out before the CSPA became effective to file an application for an immigrant visa or adjustment of status.Under the CSPA, the child will remain an immidate relative even if he or she turns 21 befor he or she can immigrate.

Humanitarian Reinstatement

The death of an I-130 petitioner does not revoke the petition and neither does the death of the principal applicant revoke the derivative beneficiary's application if certain conditions are met.

N 400, Application for Naturalization

You should be very vigilant while filing Form N-400 Application for Naturalization. You need to treat it as a very essential opening of your final destination that will set the place for everything else you may wish to do as a U.S. Citizen.

Affidavits of Support I-864

In what situations NVC returns forms I-864, Affidavit of Support? When ther is discrepancy between the sponsor's current income and the income indicated on the sponsor's last filed federal income tax return. It is important to get it filed by a professional.

Adjustment of Status versus Consular processing

People can immigrate either way. Visas are always available for immideate relatives of US Citizens.It is important to undersand the rules about which relatives qualifies under which category.

Green Card Petitions

Petition to bring your family members (immediate relative and preference relative) to the United States through Consular Processing if Applying while living outside the US or through Adjustment of Status if Applying while living in the US.

How to correct a mistake on my DS 260 after it has been submitted?

Determine whether you need a waiver? And if yes, what grounds applies to you to get a waiver?

N- 400
Application for Naturalization
What are the reasons for rejection of N-400 application?

Humanitarian Reinstatement
What happens with your petition if your petitioner dies?

Child Status Protection Act (CSPA)
How to freeze your childs age under CSPA? And What is the importance of Seek to acquire?

Green Card Petitions
On what basis your I-130 petition is rejected?

Consular Processing
How long does it take for consular processing?

Adjustment of Status
Who is eligible for adjustment of status?


Determine whether you need a waiver?

What grounds apply to you to get a waiver?

What are the requirements for a waiver of unlawful presence?

How many types of waivers are available?

If waiver is granted, Can I get a Green Card?


What to do if you are not protected by the CSPA age calculator?

Who benefits the most from CSPA?

What should be the next step for LPR Parents who Naturalize while the petition is Pending?

How can married children of U.S. Citizens (Third Preference Category) can get benefit of CSPA?

Importance of Seek to acquire in order to get the immigration benefits in the Application/ Petition?

Humanitarian Reinstatement

What happens with your petition if your petitioner /Principal Applicant Dies?

What is the requirement to qualify for Humanitarian Reinstatement?

Who is eligible to fill AOS after deceased petitioner?

Motion to Reopen a Humanitarian Reinstatement in Case of a Denial.

What is the time line for Humanitarian Reinstatement?

N 400

What supporting documents or evidence are required with N-400 form.

How long it takes to get your Certificate of Naturalization?

Who can apply for a fee exemption for Naturalization?

Who can get an English test exemption while applying for Naturalization?

What happens after filing Application for Naturalization?

What are the reasons for the rejections of N-400 applications?

Affidavits of Support I-864

How to freeze your child's (Derivative Beneficiary of the Green Card Petition) age under CSPA?

When to submit I-864 Affidavit of Support?

What all supporting documents are required to send with I-864 AOS?

What happens if someone filled I-864 AOS wrong?

Does minor mistakes on Form I-864 Affidavit of Support cause delays and rejections?

Adjustment of Status

Are you eligible to apply for a Green Card?

What all would be the important factors to get your I-130 Petition Approved?

What are the main reasons for getting an I-130 Petition denied?

How long does it take for consular processing?

Is consular processing faster?

Who qualifies for adjustment of status?

How long does Adjustment of Status for

Green Card Petitions

Are you eligible to apply for green card petition?

Why I-130 petitions are rejected?

Why I-130 petitions are rejected?

What is the right way to apply for a green card?

How to check Visa availability and what is the right time to take action on your petition.

Through what all modes you can check your status?

What process fits you best to immigrate, Adjustment of status or Consular Processing?

How to freeze your child's (Derivative Beneficiary of the Green Card Petition) age under CSPA?

How to freeze your child's (Derivative Beneficiary of the Green Card Petition) age under CSPA?


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