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Naturalization Basis Military Service

The US opens its gates for the persons having served in US Armed Forces. In fact, it expedites the applications of such applicants who have served during hostile times.
Rules expedite applications of all the applicants who served since Sep 11, 2001, in the armed forces and also recognize wars such as WW II, Korean War etc.
The rules are relaxed for them as compared to a common application as they do not need to fulfil the rule of being present continuously for a particular period of time, even if all of that period was a peacetime.
All that an applicant applying through this mode needs to do is to pass a History of US/Govt test. They should be fluent in English and possess good moral character.
Form N-400 is to be submitted by them for the process along with all valid documents proving their military career.
An important thing to make note of here is that during peacetime, the naturalization process of an applicant with military service requires the minimum of 3 years of permanent residence in the US. Out of these 3 years, he/she should be physically present in the US for over 50% of these 3 years.


Department of Defense established the Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest (MAVNI) program was created.
According to this rule, the certain section of non-immigrants who were neither US citizens or permanent residents were allowed an entry into US armed forces. The selections were made the basis of their skills in healthcare and certain language knowledge.
Initially, it was opened only for around 1500 persons per year but later it evolved well. By the end of 2015, it had close to 3000 people entered US Forces through MAVNI.

Military families

Military families/ dependents, kids, spouse of the US armed forces personnel are eligible for immigration.
Their dependents if entered the US without proper inspection and paper works, they can still get access to permanent residency without leaving the US and applying for the same by staying in the US only.
The USCIS, in this case, issues parole-in-place for them for the smoother process.
Lastly, even if the person serving in US armed forces is deployed overseas, his dependents/family are eligible for expedited immigration process to the US.


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