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What is Naturalization

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Meaning of Naturalization ?

This term refers to the way by which a person born in a foreign country becomes a US citizen.

What is the purpose of Naturalization?
The US has been the land of immigrants. It has a long history of welcoming immigrants from all around the globe. They provide equal freedom and opportunities to all. The US proudly maintains its legacy of providing the immigrants with a better work-life balance and happy retirement life too.
US believes in welcoming the best talent pool from around the world to the US. It provides numerous opportunities to the immigrants.
US citizenship is a symbol of people across different religions, ethnicity, backgrounds staying and working together gives us a strong message of unity of the US.
USCIS has also been very instrumental in providing Citizenships and helping the deserving people lead a life with integrity. It manages the Citizenships and naturalization laws/policy by Defining citizenship and naturalization in the best possible manner Helping immigrants by stating guidelines and providing assistance for a crystal clear process.

Eligibility criteria for Naturalization
1. Be a lawful permanent resident of America for five years, or three years if married to the U.S. citizen for a minimum of the 3 years (although there are certain exceptions to this requirement for persons who have honourable service in the U.S.  Forces );
2. The physical presence of the applicant for over fifty present  of the required residency time
3. A good moral character is of utmost importance of the applicant
4. Oath of loyalty to America is required
5. The applicant must be able to speak, read and write English, a good command over English is required. (Exceptions are also in place)
6. Passing a test in US history and government.

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