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How can an Attorney help you avoid the Issues you may encounter while processing your I-130 Immigration Petition for an Alien relative.

Let’s discuss the problems which you may face while processing your immigrant Visa Petition and how the presence of an attorney in your case can avoid such issues. These issues which we are going to present here have been encountered by many applicants very often and our expert team of attorneys have resolved them efficiently. Based on our experience, you need to know about our finding below:

  • I-130 Petition for Alien relative not approved: There are many reasons for rejection, but the most common reasons are that you have not filled your Form I-130 properly in such situations you will receive a Notice of Action to reject the petition from USCIS or they may send you a Request for Evidence that requests additional paperwork. In both the conditions you will face a delay. Thus, it is very important that you prepare your I-130 petition correctly and submit all required documents properly or you may hire an attorney to do this for you in order to avoid rejection or delay.
  • Is your petition stuck with USCIS: Sometimes you must be wondering that why is USCIS taking so long to process your petition? You don’t know the answer and not even getting a proper response from the USCIS. One of the reasons for this could be that your I-130 petition is stuck in the USCIS field office. What to do in such a situation? When you hire an immigration attorney then it is his or her responsibility to keep a proper follow up in regard to your case with all the immigration government bodies. Hiring an attorney for your case avoids such issues, as it is their day to day work to keep periodic updates about the petitions of their clients.
  • DS 260 wrongly filled: Filling DS 260- Immigrant Visa form is one of the most important tasks of the process. There could be some serious consequences if your DS 260 is wrongly filled. It has been seen at the time of Interview. it can also lead to visa denial as well. We highly recommend every applicant to fill DS 260 only under the assistance of an experienced attorney or accredited representative. You can hire our team of F4 India to fill your Immigrant Visa form and process other formalities (like submitting supporting documents) on your behalf, as we have filed an end number of DS 260 immigrant visa forms worldwide which have been accepted by the National Visa Centre without any hassle.
  • Unnecessary delays: There could be many reasons for unnecessary delays in your case, here we are presenting the most common but important aspects which can be responsible for the delay of your case.
  • Invalid document notification: Sometimes you receive notification that your documents are not valid. Such situations unnecessarily delay your case. You can avoid such situations by hiring our team. Our attorney provides complete assistance in gathering valid supporting documents, proof of evidence, and also prepare Affidavit of Support.
  • Doubt on sponsor's financial eligibility: Some times after submitting all the documents you come to know that your only sponsor is not enough to support you financially, and thus you need to add a joint sponsor or a household member. This also delays your case. If you have an attorney for your case then he or she will guide you to arrange and add a joint sponsor or household member as required in the beginning itself. We at F4 India conduct a complete analysis of your petition, check the finical eligibility of your sponsor, and guide you with the best possible options to adopt in order to process your case smoothly.
  • Case under administrative processing: Administrative processing may take several months before completing the procedure and issuing a visa. There are possibilities that your visa could be rejected after administrative processing. After doing the administrative processing or review of additional submitted documents, your visa may be refused for a variety of reasons. Having an attorney for your case saves you from this big hassle which could be very frustrating for you.

We at F4 India, are committed to provide each client with prosperous results by considering all appropriate and resourceful choices. We tend to take personal pride in the quality of our work and our attention to detail. Contact us today to book your consultation. You can also complete our inquiry form and we will contact you with the next available date. Our client’s satisfaction is paramount.