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My Brother has filed a petition for me under brother and sister category and i was so confused regrading my petition process .In Jan I came to know about F4 INDIA through one of my friend and then I started my visa application process with one of the consultant named Samar Sandhu , he explained and helped me with all the process. I got visa within nine Months . I highly recommend F4 INDIA for their better visa process.


Green Card

Unofficially the legal permanent residency of the United States is known as a green card. It is the immigration status of a person who is authorised to permanently live and work in the United States of America. The validity of Green cards is up to 10 years for permanent residents and 2 years for conditionally permanent residents. After this period, the green card has to be renewed or replaced. The application process can take several numbers of years. Generally, to obtain a permanent residency an immigrant has to go through a three-stage process, including petition and processing. The green cards were previously issued by Immigration and Naturalisation Service (INS).

“Green card” is an unofficial name, a nickname preserved even after a change in colour. The card was restored to green in 2010. The “green card” also applies to the immigration process to become a permanent resident. It serves as evidence that the holder of a legal resident citizen (LPR) has received official immigration benefits, including employment permit and permission to reside in the United States. The holder can be expelled from the United States if certain conditions of that status are not satisfied.

The steps you should take to apply for a Green Card will shift depends upon individual circumstance

Process Steps

Before beginning the application procedure, there are two questions that you must answer first:

Eligibility criteria

The immigration laws give you a number of ways to apply for a Green Card. The eligibility categorisation may be depending on the immigrant category that you are applying for, please browse our web page Eligibility Categories for Green Card to understand all the categories you can apply for and what are eligibility criteria

Being Sponsored for a Green Card

Two forms should be completed those who want to apply for Green Card

  • An immigration petition
  • Green Card Application (form I-485 )

Generally, someone else should file the petition for you ( mentioned as sponsoring or petitioning for you), In some immigration cases, you will be eligible to file a petition for yourself


  • Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative
  • Form I-730, Petition for Asylee / Refugee Relative
  • Form I-589, Application for Withholding of Removal & Asylum
  • Form I-140, Petition for Alien Worker

Few petitions include:

  • Form I-526, Immigrant Petition by Alien Entrepreneur
  • Form I-918, Petition of U Nonimmigrant Status
  • Form I-929, Petition for Qualifying Family Member of a Nonimmigrant U-1
  • Form I-360, Petition for Special Immigrant or Amerasian, Widow(er)

please check if you want to file a petition according to your Eligibility Categories for Green Card

  1. Are you inside or outside the U.S.?

If your eligibility criteria for a Green Card is as per immigration rules, then you need to select

The Filling Process

  • Consular processing
  • Adjustment of status

Applicant must follow these steps to apply for green card, it can vary depending on individual circumstances. Moreover, an applicant has to go through under such  general application process

  • Generally, someone else  should file the petition for you ( mentioned as sponsoring or petitioning for you), In some immigration cases, you will be eligible to file a petition for yourself
  • Once the  USCIS approves the petition, and the visa availability is available for your category, you must file either a Green Card application with USCIS or a visa application with the Department of State.
  • You go to a biometrics appointment to provide fingerprints, photos, and a signature.
  • Go for Interview
  • You will get a decision for your application.

If the applicant has submitted a Form I-485, Application to  Adjust Status or Register Permanent Residence, and your case is pending with USCIS, please browse our web page  While Your Green Card Application Is Pending with USCIS for additional details for your case status, update your address, and appointments with USCIS.

What is the procedure to track your Green Card, Tracking Document and Employment

  1. Make an online account for online check status, you will get updates regular basis, add your u.s postal service tracking code when USCIS send your travel documents by mail
  2. Get registered with USPS through confirmed Delivery  to obtain daily mails , you may:
  • Auto tracking system for expecting packets
  • Sign up for  text alerts and email
  • you must enter USPS delivery rules for your mail courier company according to you.

In case you didn’t receive your documents and USPS tracking system is showing as a package delivered , immediately contact your post office in your local area .we only deliver your Card or travel document at the same address which you have provided us in the application ( we won’t mail to any other  address unless you have told us to send mail it to your representative on Form G-28, Notice of Entry as Attorney or Representative )

If you have changed your mailing address after you filed the petition, you should update your new address with USCIS as well with USPS.USCIS strongly recommend you to keep on checking USPS look Up ZIP to make sure your updated address with using formatting and abbreviations.

Your case could be the delay if you did not update your address. you have to apply again and pay the fee if your documents get misplaced or lost due to your negligence.

If an applicant has a Green Card, please browse our webpage  Once Your Green Card is Granted, for additional details information for renewing a card, travel and Green Card Holder’s rights and responsibilities .

Benifits of Green Card

Immigrants across the globe who wish to immigrate for a better lifestyle and fulfillment of dreams largely chose America as the option. Immigrants’ dream of an American green card as it gives you the benefits irrespective of you being a family man or a student who wishes to study or a person who wants to earn and live in America.

The American green cards give you wings. It most importantly does not make it necessary for you to give away your current citizenship and also at the same time allows you to travel to any part of US at your wish. You can reside as a permanent citizen after obtaining the green card. You can apply for the same after spending the minimum of 5 years in America and even the need to immigrate right after obtaining the green card is also not mandatory.

The USA is one of the most powerful economies and provides endless opportunities. After reviving from the economic depression, it has once again emerged and proved itself in the job market Fairly low property rates and the better standard of living at much lesser cost as compared to other countries such as Germany is always an added advantage We are going to witness another wave of economic take off very soon.

Students in the USA have to spend high for the cost of study but that is not the case with the green card holders. Also, if you are a foreign national with the green card you enjoy the following benefits as a student 80% reduction in fees can be possible A tedious and long process for the student visa can be shortened. Federal loans are easily available Financial Independence for students. Students with the green card can work as per their requirement and create a financial independence for them as compared to students on the foreign visa who are bounded by set work guidelines. It will help you to earn as well as study and be a part of the ever-growing job market here.

If you dream of making it big and work hard and make it big in business by starting your own venture then US green card is what you should be looking for. It not only provides the perfect atmosphere for opening up a new business but at the same time saves much of your time in applying for work visa and uncertainties around it. Dollar rates have always strengthened, thereby making it one of the most sought-after currency. So investing in America in such a risky period of economic changes is always a good idea with an ever low cost of investments and best returns.

As an employee with a green card, you have various advantages as compared to the employees working in the US with a work visa such as Choosing your employer and kind of job you are interested in. Better job offers as green card provides stability to you in America as compared to temporary work visa holders. Relaxed work conditions as compared to work visa holders are also an added advantage. Moreover, the American green card provides endless opportunities for all people from all walks of life. An open job market with a huge number of opportunities always awaits you.

People dream of retiring and leading a comfortable life in America. People apply for the B1 visa which is the most popular way of staying in the US. But many people ignore the fact that visa may be granted for 10 years but they cannot spend the entire 10 years in one go. People applying B1 visa cannot spend more than 6 months at one stretch and many people ignore and are not willing to leave the US. However, the green card gives you the benefit to retire legally and stay in the US. Apart from legally retiring, you can enjoy perks like pensions, a quality life in America. America, as stated earlier, does not ask you to give up the citizenship of your own country, hence pensions from both the countries can be earned with the American green card. You also enjoy the whole lot of medical facilities and many other benefits, the minimum requirement only is that you should have stayed in America for at least 5 years.

One more benefit that comes with the green card is that after your green card is cleared, automatically green card for your wife and all children who are unmarried and under 21 years of age also gets cleared. Special requests for family visas can also be raised but these are subject to long waiting time. So, if you dream a beautiful house with a picturesque view, children getting the proper education with high-quality English skills, which is very necessary for present and future job markets then America is the place to be with the American green card in hand.

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