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My Brother has filed a petition for me under brother and sister category and i was so confused regrading my petition process .In Jan I came to know about F4 INDIA through one of my friend and then I started my visa application process with one of the consultant named Samar Sandhu , he explained and helped me with all the process. I got visa within nine Months . I highly recommend F4 INDIA for their better visa process.


Core Values & Commitment To Perfection

We are a full-service U.S. immigration firm who assists client’s around-the-world with their U.S. immigration needs. We are mainly recognized for our outstanding results and our industry-leading client service. F4 India provides world class, cost effective, and immigration solutions. F4India is a full-service immigration law firm focused on tailoring the very best immigration and corporate solutions that meet the needs of our clients. We are acknowledged for our innovative solutions that attain “impossible” visas; we solve the most complex immigration problems for business, investors, individuals and families. Our focus is on making the immigration goals of our clients a reality. We are the market leader in securing Resident, investor, individual visas to the United States. We are a leading global immigration firm for a range of different visa systems, dealing in petitions and appeals.
The F4 India is dedicated to supplying you with the maximum quality personalized U.S. Immigration services. We’re committed to providing you with personalized legal advice and counsel, professional services, and instant turnaround for all of your immigration issues we handle. Our Team on a regular basis process all manner of family-based petitions, work visas employment-based green cards, and naturalization matters.

Quick immigration Key


F4 India provides start-to-finish experience for immigration solutions in the United States. For ten years, our Core Team has built apps and Softwares that combine experience and technology to maintain each party fully informed in a clear and compliant manner. For our customers, we provide efficacy and quick procedure of self-improvement seekers in the U.S. We make the intricate procedure as simplest as possible, And that’s the reason we have come up with a software named “Quick Immigration Key “which is actually a One Stop Solution to all your immigration queries. It is a tool where aspirant is able to collect accurate, updated information to proceed with his or her immigration case. We’ve automated the process to the extent possible, but for each case, we evaluate and float in the outset to ascertain the best and most effective path to achievement.

Result Oriented Process


With Years of combined Industry experienced team, we provide solution for your case to successes. . Our specialization is an out-of-the-box, approach to finding solutions to technical issues, both in day-to-day business issues and in the odd problems that might arise in the context of employing foreign nationals. We know the law and keep you up-to-date with developments in Immigration law influencing you or your organization’s foreign employees. Our efficient systems and actions for handling cases ensure the fastest, most reliable turnaround. Due to the comparatively small size of our company and the dedication of our lawyers and team members, we provide an extraordinarily high degree of personal service and attention to detail. We guarantee availability, absolute excellent control, and impeccable service relating to immigration issues. All our core team members are dedicated to providing the maximum level of service to do the immigration process like easy and confusion free as possible for our clientele.

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