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Consular Processing

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Consular Processing

Once your petition has been approved and the immigrant visa status as a beneficiary is current or available
you have two options to file as a lawful permanent status or a green card holder
1. If you are living outside the united states, you have to file at U.S.Department of state consu-late abroad. This process is called as Consular.
2.1. If you are already living in the united states, you can file for permanent resident status or Green Card process and Procedures and you don’t have to go back your home country for completing the Green Card Processes & Procedures. You can obtain your permanent resident status through Adjustment of Status.
This entire process is so-called an adjustment of status. For more information, you can browse our webpage Adjustment of Status.

Steps to follow for Consular Processing

To start the process, first, you have to decide whether your eligibility criteria is maintainable to file for lawful permanent residence or green card holder , mostly immigrants get their eligible by filing a petition on your behalf by a family member or an employer.Rest of other beneficiaries get their permanent residence status obtaining asylum and refugee status or through a number of oth-er special provisions.
For more information please browse our page Eligibility Categories for Green Card.

After making sure that you are eligible for the immigration petition in your circumstances. you will most probably need someone else to file papers for you.
Family-based Green Card Immigration petitions: if you wish to apply for green card through Family-based Green Card, Your immediate relative who should be a U.S. citizen or a lawful per-manent resident has to file Form I-130 petition
Despite the fact that you normally file immigrant petitions with USCIS locally, now and then you can apply a Form I-130 petition to for an immediate relative (child, Parent of a U.S. Citizen Spouse) with a USCIS field office, Consulate abroad or U.S. embassy
Below listed are the scenarios where the same can be applicable:
• Petitioner should be a U.S.Citizen.
• USCIS international office should be located in the current country where you are living pre-sently,
• Living in such countries where there is no USCIS field office in the consular office’s jurisdic-tion, for those please see these special circumstances (PDF, 61 KB) warrant the local filing.
• Military Members Or Armed forced Official
• Situation If any emergency
• Health/safety of the petitioner is in danger.
• If the petition is in the interest of US national

Employment-Based Petition :This immigration petition is based on Employment, if you want to apply for a Green Card under this category, your employer has to file a Form I-140 Petition foran Alien worker for you. If you intend to invest a specific amount into a business project in the U.S.You must have to file Form I-526, Immigrant Petition by Alien Entrepreneur, For additional information please browse our webpage Form I-360, Petition for Special Immigrant or Amera-sian, Widow(er)
Special provisions :Under special provisions you can file Form 1-360 to migrate to the U.S. Please browse our web page Form I-360, Petition for Special Immigrant or Amerasian, Wi-dow(er) for detailed info.
Humanitarian grounds Immigration: Usually, this does not require any petition but some re-quirements are to be fulfilled before one should apply for a green card. Please browse our web-page Working in the U.S.for more information
Before filingthe petition please check carefully everything. please browse the website of the US Department of State for reference.

USCIS inform the petitioner for a decision The petition can either be approved or rejected.
• if USCIS has rejected your petition, the petitioner must get the reason in a written notice from USCIS and petitioner has right to file an appeal against the USCIS decision.
• If USCIS has approved your petition and you are living outside or living inside the U.S. but in-tend to file for your immigrant visa abroad, USCIS will forward your Petition to NVC (National Visa Centre). The petition will remain in NVC until an immigration visa gets current or available.
For more details kindly browse our webpage Visa Availability & Priority Dates

The National Visa Center (NVC) is in charge of a gathering of all related documents for example (visa application fees, supporting Forms and important documents) NVC send a notice for re-ceiving the petition and same as after approval.NVC send you the notification once the visa number is about to become available for you.They will likewise inform you when you should submit an immigrant visa processing fee (usually alluded to as fee bills ) and supporting docu-mentation.

Once the visa number is available the priority date of the petition becomes current. Your ap-pointment will be scheduled in your country of residence and then they will assess the case and finally will take a decision if you are eligible to migrate or not.

As an immigration applicant, you do not require to contact NVC as they themselves will get in contact with you as per process. However if some changes listed below are done by you, then you will get in touch with them:
• If any Changes in address
• If you have crossed 21 years of age but were under 21 when the petition was filed.
• If any change in marital status
Such changes can affect your visa availability or eligibility. For more information please browse the webpage Department of State’s National Visa Centre Contact, you will also find how to contact NVC on this webpage.

After the issuance of the immigration visa, the consular officer will hand-over a visa packet to you, you are not supposed to open the packet and keep it sealed.
You will be required to pay fees to USCIS for processing of visa packet and Green Card produc-tion. Please pay this fees onlinebefore you depart to the US.

After reaching the US, the visa packet is to be handed over to CBP (U.S. Customs and Border Protection), they will open the packet and take a final decision whether to permit you into the U.S. as the lawful permanent resident or not. If CBP officer gives you a approval, you will then have a lawful permanent resident status.

After entering the US, you shall receive your green card via mail, provided all fees are paid. Upon failing to receive the same within 45 days please contact USCIS office at 800-375-5283 arrange an info pass appointment to visit your local USCIS office in the U.S.

If you did not pay the USCIS Immigrant Fee before you arrived in the United States, you will need to pay the fee before USCIS will send you a Green Card.

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