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Replace a Green Card

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Replace a Green Card

Of the chance that you are a permanent resident and required to replace your green card or a conditional resident which required to replace your two-year green card for any of the reasons listed below, you should process the application process for a replacement green card by:

Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card, Online E-Filing Form I-90,
Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card by mail, Filing a paper Form I-90

if you have lost your green card outside the united states, please contact the closest U.S. Consulate, USCIS office of a port of entry before submitting a Form I-190, If your Form has been approved, you will get a mail for replacement a Green Card within ten years expiry date from the issue date.

Conditions in which you need to replace your green card :
On the off chance that your previous card was wrecked, stolen lost or mangled

Your card which was issued to you before you were 14 years of age and now you have achieved your fourteenth birthday celebration (except if your card lapses before your sixteenth birthday celebration)

You have been a worker and are presently moving to the United States

You have been a permanent resident living in the United States and are presently taking up worker status

Your status has been naturally changed over to permanent resident status (this incorporates Special Agricultural Worker candidates who are changing over to permanent resident status)

You have a previous rendition of the outsider enrolment card (like, USCIS Form AR-3, Form AR-103 or Form I-151 – all no longer substantial to demonstrate your immigration status) and must supplant it with a current green card

Your card contains erroneous data

Your name or other biographic data on the card has been legitimately changed since you last got your card, or You never got the past card that was issued to you by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

You may check the status of your application on the web. On the off chance that you have immigration-related inquiries, you may call the USCIS Contact Center at 800-375-5283. For individuals who are hard of hearing, nearly deaf or have a discourse incapacity: TTY 800-767-1833. You ought to be set up to furnish the USCIS staff with particular data about your application, for example, your receipt number, Alien Registration Number, name and date of birth.

On the off chance that your application for a substitution green card is denied, you will get a letter that will disclose to you why the application was denied. You won’t be permitted to offer a negative choice. In any case, you may present a movement to revive or a movement to rethink with a similar office that settled on the horrible choice. By documenting such a movement, you may request that the office re-examine or reevaluate its decision

A movement to revive must express the new realities that you would give if your case is revived and should incorporate suitable narrative proof. A movement to reevaluate must build up that the decision to deny your application depending on off-base utilization of law or migration strategy, and further set up that the choice was off base dependent on the proof in the record at the time the decision was made.

In the event that you require advice, see the Finding Free Legal Advice page. You may contact the USCIS District Office close to your home of organisations that might have the capacity to help you in setting up your application. To find the offices serving your region, see the Find a USCIS Office page.

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