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Green Card Calculator

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Important Notes:

  1. GC calculator is currently in beta version. We will continue to tweak the algorithm. So dates could slightly change.
  2. Please consider this calculator as a rough estimate. Please do NOT make important decisions based on this calculator.
  3. Since there are many factors which affects visa bulletin dates, even USCIS may not be able to accurately estimate when PD may be current. In addition, every month these factors changes (which we cannot always estimate). Some months the dates may move twice as fast, if demand is low. Some months the dates may not move at all, if demand is high.
  4. Your priority date have to be before visa bulletin cutoff date to be current. Example, if visa bulletin date is 05MAY11, your priority date have to be May 4 or earlier to be current. If you PD is May 5, you will have to wait for next visa bulletin.
  5. To estimate dates for El Savador/Guatemala/Hondura, please select “Rest Of World” above.

Disclaimer :

In order to estimate dates, this website uses the Visa Bulletin information from previous years and also the current fiscal year, and create calculations regarding possible future dates. The results are estimates and for your informational use solely, and that we specifically disclaim the accuracy of the knowledge provided. you ought to not rely on the knowledge or dates provided. This website doesn’t give legal recommendation or opinions and you ought to obtain legal counsel if you’ve got questions about any Visa or alternative immigration or legal documents or problems. This website isn’t related to with any federal, state, or local government agency.

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