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My Brother has filed a petition for me under brother and sister category and i was so confused regrading my petition process .In Jan I came to know about F4 INDIA through one of my friend and then I started my visa application process with one of the consultant named Samar Sandhu , he explained and helped me with all the process. I got visa within nine Months . I highly recommend F4 INDIA for their better visa process.



It is a process by which the Govt. strips an individual of his/her citizenship rights for a valid reason. This process is exactly the opposite of naturalization.

This is a process which is by nature a very tedious and uncommon. Under this, the individual will be stripped of his/her citizenship rights after the Govt. takes action against him for a valid reason. Every case in this process is different and the complexity of a case varies on the case to case basis.

Denaturalization, as mentioned is a process of an individual getting stripped of citizenship for a valid reason. The reason could be any, for example, an individual serving in a foreign army is considered to be a serious crime against the domicile country and process of denaturalization can be initiated against him. Under this process, the person would be stripped off all citizenship rights, even if he was born in that country.

Apart from the mentioned above example, an individual might also have to go through the process of denaturalization if the original way of naturalization has become invalid/null and void. A person who naturalized on the basis of marriage will face the denaturalization if he/she divorced his/her partner.

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