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Mr. Samar Sandhu is a life saver. I recommend F4 India to every parent who is worried about their children in regard to getting visa with family. I can say this confidently with my recent experience. My name is Kanwaljeet Singh from Amritsar, Punjab, my elder son’s name was removed from CEAC account after one month after filling DS-260. I have contacted a local agent in Amritsar for filling DS-260 , When i explained him the situation ,he told me that he will do the procedure, but after few months he said that our son is aged out and thus his name will not be added and after wasting thousands of Rupees on agents finally We have decided to contact an attorney for my case . We searched on google and found good rating for Samar Sandhu. We spoke to him on phone, Due to Covid-19 we were unable to travel so we have decided to give my case to him. he did the analysis and assured us that our son’s name will be added in 2 weeks. He did all the arrangements and get the info pass and Mr Brar from his Law firm in U.S. has handled our petition. He resumed my son name in the petition in no time. Now we are relaxed and thankful with Samar Sir and his F4 Team.F4 India is Number-1 U.S. Immigration Company in India and USA.

Kanawjeet Singh Brar

Best Immigration india

F4 India team helped me with the hardest problem of my life. According to other attorneys and immigration consultants my case was lost and there was no other way to help me. However, F4 India team found a way to solve my case. Samar Sandhu cared about our case; we are happy we found the right attorney for our case.

Pritambhai Patel

Best Immigration india

Loved everything about dealing with F4 India .F4 Team helped me in every aspect possible and they're extremely professional way.

My cspa case was very difficult and complicated.I was aged out in I-130 -Petition (f4 Category)filed by my uncle in 2004. My parents were very upset because every one was saying that i won’t be able to go with my parents in the same petition. My Uncle in Fresno,California has contacted few attorney’s but no one gave us insurance of visa . Believe me i searched so many websites , social sites and read hundred of blogs and article about Child Status Protection Act , I was damn scared because my name was not in DS-260, once i tried to add name in CEAC site as add applicant but after three days NVC sent me message that i am not eligible under cspa .My cousin told me about F4 India , i though i should go and then without wasting a single second i dialled F4 India office and luckily Samar picked up my call and you know guys without a break I had explained my situation and he carefully listened, clearly and openly explained my position in case and the legal facts as well as my chances. Then he came with wise, logic and reliable guidance how I should prepare for it and what’s his strategy. This was even before we have a contract. His extensive experience and deep understanding was clear in every word. When samar took my case, it was given to Ms Tasveer the paralegal for documentation . I felt I’m more than lucky and blessed because she was the one who prepare it. She simply made outstanding job, put lotta effort reviewing and discussing every single detail in the correct direction to get it done. She willingly answered hundred of my questions and guided me smoothly through each stage. Samar and Tasveer are extensively experienced, professional, straight forward, reliable, honest, respectful and trustful.Samar has represented my case on Feb 24, 2020, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit certified its decision in Gelid Lee 817-9301.He represented my case and in my appeal of a decision of the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) by a I thank God that I chose this trustworthy law firm, I believe selecting them was one of the best decisions in my life and definitely recommend for any complicated difficult cases. I got my visa after my parents interview. The combination of professionalism, experience and caring about every single client makes this lawyer very successful in the field, winning the majority of the cases. And I, personally, feel extremely grateful and delighted Today i can proudly say F4 India is the best law firm for U.S.Immigration cases in Punjab & India.I have recommended F4 India Team to my friends from Punjab , Chandigarh India and Canada and I will continue to do so. BIG THANKS!:)


Navnoor Bajwa

Best Immigration india

Best immigration law firm ever in my opinion. Samar and his office are extremely particular about every detail and prompt is responding to specific concerns. F4 India team successfully dealt with our CSPA case .My sister got green card . Highly recommended

Larawinx 2020

Best Immigration india

Samar is Amazing To this day, I cannot believe my luck in finding Samar to represent my kid case which seemed to be a” dead end” case. We were shattered after hearing it from few attorneys, getting approval for humanitarian parole was only 0% chance. Samar is the only person who told us we can do this. Samar and his team (especially Anisha) worked really hard to solve the case.  We found them to be very professional, highly experienced and we appreciated their attention to every detail in the case. We particularly admired that they were easy to get a hold of, available to discuss our concerns and patient enough to answer our questions. Whenever we contacted the firm, Anisha answered the phone. If we sent them an email, we’d get prompt replies; once we sent an email late at night and we still got a reply that same evening. They always followed up to make sure everything was on track and always kept us informed of relevant developments. Our case is approved  and still we feel this is like a miracle it has happened in the corona crisis. . I strongly say with no doubt that he is fantastic lawyer who will try to solve your problem. I want to thank you Samar, from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of my entire family for being you. God bless!


Best Immigration india

F4 india law firm has great lawyer's team . We are very happy with services.  We had to go through a tough ordeal because of misrepresentation earlier and our file was rejected . That is when we assigned Samar & Anisha - I would happily refer F4 India law firm to any one whose in this same situation as mine- 

Here I like to mention a special thanks to Anisha who has done wonderful work for our case . 

Now we finally got our Green card 

Thank you Samar

Mandeep Kaur